To make great products you need great engineers.
But where do all these engineers come from?
How does one get hired to Klarna?
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What are we looking for?

We don’t really care how quick is your quicksort or how big is your data, what’s most important to us in an employee is that they be:

  • Team players – we believe in the synergy between great engineers more than in the capability of a single engineer.
  • Quick learners – we don’t shy of using the latest web technologies, we expect you to be able to catch up quickly or even set the pace.
  • Passionate – we look for people who love what they do!
  • Craftsmen – we strive to create high quality code, meticulously designed and easy to maintain.
  • Result driven – all the above would not do us much good if we didn’t get things DONE. We ship early, ship often, and fail fast.

How can you get to your interview(s) on time?

We’re located at the Electra Tower (Yigal Alon 98, Tel-Aviv), a short walk from Hashalom Train station. You could reach us by car, but sadly we won’t be able to reimburse your parking expenses.

What sort of questions will we ask you during the first interview?

This is no doubt the most stressful part of the interview, but it really doesn’t have to be. We’re not going to time you, and we don’t necessarily care whether or not you manage to solve our questions perfectly. What we really care about is how you approach problems, so just let us know what you’re thinking and try to have a good time.

That being said, it would certainly not hurt to be familiar with basic complexity concepts (does O(n) ring a bell?), data structures and to brush up on your Object-Oriented design skills.

What else can you do to prepare yourself?

It would be great if you could pick a past project that makes you proud and prepare to talk about it. Keep in mind that you won’t have time to share every possible detail with us, so make sure to emphasize what you’ve personally accomplished in the project, while giving us a good overview of the big picture. Should you make it to the second interview, it would be prudent to go over your own exercise beforehand, the better to refute all our criticism.


Want to see who is going to interview you?

Inbal Gilai

Guy Israeli

Dan Evron

Talya Stern

Omri Yariv

Chanan Damboritz

Moria Ahi Mordehai

Ayelet Laub

Omer Rauchwerger

Dotan Nahum

Yeal Alkalay

HR & Site Manager

Lior Reuven

Head Of Engineering

Adi Bartal

HR Coordinator

See you soon :-)